Vulcano will be a video game in the auto battler genre (for its alpha version) with a Sci-Fi aesthetic.
Within Vulcano, players will engage in three-character versus three-character 3D battles.
Three rounds will be played, where each player will have to position their characters and equip them with a weapon if they wish.
Players must adapt their moves to the strategy they believe their opponent will use to counter them.
Once characters are positioned and equipped, enemy NFTs will appear and fight automatically, with each character role having different behaviours.
The player who wins two of these three duels wins the match.

Team composition:

The team is composed of three characters and battle weapons that can be chosen strategically.
The characters have to be carefully chosen and optimised by players according to their roles, energy and skills.


Prior to actual combat, players will position their team members without seeing the position of the adversary at this stage. At the beginning of battle, players will give orders to their team members deciding on which way to attack the opponents. After the combat, the winner will be awarded with $VULC.


In each round it is very important to think where to position each character in order to battle the best possible way. Each Role is stronger when confronting certain roles but is weaker when confronting others. This will define the priority and the convenience or not of attacking the opponent.
According to the Role, each NFT will behave in a different way.

End Possibilities:

  • The Player has to win two of the three Battle Rounds.
  • The Opponent surrenders.
  • The Opponent disconnects from the game while battling.
  • The Player loses two of the three Battle Rounds.
  • The Player surrenders.
  • The Player disconnects from the game while battling
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