Characters could be equipped with weapons to either attack or defend themselves effectively when they are attacked by the opponents.
They directly influence the character’s attributes. The use of weapons is optional, but strongly necessary to achieve a higher performance in battles.
Players will find both offensive and defensive weapons. Once in a round each player will choose the weapon to equip his/her character.
The objetctive is to build the most effective combination to win the round. It should be noted that each weapon has a role, just as each character. The user may assign weapons to characters whose roles do not match, but in exchange for this there will be a penalty on the attributes to be increased.
Same as characters, weapons are also NFTs that can be bought or sold within the internal Vulcano® marketplace. The value shall be defined by users according to their power or popularity.
Weapons have the following attributes:
  • ATK Attack It represents the value of damages the character can cause and will directly affect the attack estimates.
  • ATT Attrition The more rarity, the less attrition the character will suffer.
  • Rarity: It represents the NFT rubicon, which as said before, gives different scales depending on the case. It is divided into Rubicons (Ordinary, Rare, Legendary, and Mythic).
  • Skill: Some weapons have special effects that directly affect the opponent. Example: Bleeding, burns or scalds, etc. These affects the life of the opponent’s character lowering its life percentagewise.
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