Characters will need a land to refuel their energy to be able to fight the next day. At the start of the game, each player will be given a free land (no NFT) on which only 3 of the player's characters can rest. If the player wishes to have more than 3 characters, at least one additional land must be purchased.
The player may have more than 3 characters, with a single land, but may only rest up to 3 of them. The remainder may be hoarded and/or traded but may not be used in combat, as a land (not NFT) only allows a maximum of 3 characters to rest on it.
Land will be divided in 4 groups according to their rarity, which is determined by their utility:
  • Common: players can rest up to three characters.
  • Rare: players can rest up to six characters.
  • Legendary: players can rest up to twelve characters.
  • Mythic: players can rest up to twenty four characters.
Lands with a greater rarity will grant access to tournaments. Also, unused land-spaces, could be capitalized in the future.
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