Introduced with a card format, they are who form the Team put together by the player.
They have different attributes, and these attributes enhance both their power and their market value.
Characters can be equipped with a weapon to enhance their attributes.
Furthermore, the higher the rarity of the character, the better the attributes. Hence, the chances to win will be more – as well as the possibilities of getting rewards.
Character´s attributes will be:
  • HP Life: Number that represents the life of the Character. This may vary depending on the role of the character.
  • ATK Attack: It represents the value of damages the character can cause, and this data will directly affect the attack estimates.
  • DEF Defense: It represents the ability of mitigating the damages caused by the opponent.
  • AGI Agility: It represents the possibility of dodging the opponent’s attacks and also increases the character’s attack speed.
  • EXP Experience: This number represents the level of experience of each character. The higher the number, the faster it will unblock levels to let you level up.
  • Rarity: This represents the NFT rarity – which of course gives different scales depending on each case. It is divided into Rubicons (Ordinary, Rare, Legendary, Mythic).
  • Skills: Some characters have special skills that give them advantages when battling. Example:Burns or scalds, frostbite, hard focus, etc. (To be defined later in this document).
  • Attrition: The higher the rarity, the lower the attrition. It will start to apply when the character has fought.
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