The story of Vulcan is a story of fury and resentment, of eternal light and extreme darkness, forces that are in a constant struggle to dominate over each other and conquer the entire Universe.
Astrophel is an ancient and primal sphere of light that emerged in the middle of an empty galaxy, where nothing existed but Astrophel and hundreds of stars. It was ruled by the Great Alpha since the beginning, who had two sons: Aster, the heir, and Zenith, the youngest. However, years before his death, darkness clung to this sphere of light. The disputes first appeared in different points of Astrophel and were rising until they reached the royal family. The words, like snakes, poisoned the ears of those who heard them. The problems between Zenith, Aster, and Gran Alpha arose until they were enough to break the family.
With all the pain in the world, the people of Astrophel watched as the heir fled the sphere, leaving behind not only his family but also his life and everything he had ever believed in. When the Great Alpha passed to the other side, Zenith was the one who took the lead.
The events that led to the estrangement and disputes between the royal family remain unknown, sheltered from public knowledge and hidden deep within select minds who keep the secret under lock and key, having vowed to protect it with their own lives.
Nobody knew where Aster went since there was no other sphere or inhabitable star in the galaxy. Little by little, both Zenith and the population of the sphere of light began to believe that he was dead and that they had lost a great man. Flashes later, all of Astrophel witnessed the rise of a new sphere. This sphere was completely black, surrounded by black clouds, and only the reddish rays broke through its darkness. The name of the sphere was Vulcan I, ruled by the shadowy Dark Aster. His reappearance was a rebirth, rising from the ashes of what he had once been.
And with it, a new ambition was born. Dark Aster sought not only to rule over that sphere that was his, but also to one day create Vulcan: the first galaxy of darkness, and show the world what darkness could do. He still has a long way to go to achieve this and, unfortunately, he must first face his brother. Mainly because Zenith holds the key to this future conquest. Secondly, it is time to erase that past that torments him. It is time for darkness to rise.
The battles are continuous and cross both spheres equally. The green fields of Astrophel or the desolate black deserts of Vulcan I become, with the arrival of an enemy ship, the cradle of a battle. All species are forced to participate to protect their land and claim what is theirs, although not randomly. From the moment these species touch the earth, they are classified within a system called "Rubicons" depending on their power and ability in battle.
In the first rubicon, the lowest of all, are The Auxiliaries. These are species that emerged by cloning to join the ranks of both sides. Although they are the majority in their numbers, they possess fewer powers. They can be mentally intervened by the leader of their sphere, either to give them a general order or to control them in their entirety during the war. They have the common goal of protecting the sphere to which they belong and preserving it, even if it costs them their lives.
One step higher, on rubicon two, is The Affixes. These are capable individuals, trained for their position, who fight with matching weapons. They can be mentally intervened by the leader of their sphere, either to give them a general order or to control their every move. However, unlike the rubicon one, they have much more freedom and they can give orders if necessary.
Then there is rubicon three, The Analogs, accessible only to those who, through hard fighting and training, have been able to earn the honor of this title and position. They are extremely competent when it comes to fighting, feared by many, and admired by most. They are the union and communication between rubicon four and the rest of the rubicons.
Finally, we find rubicon four, which is made up of only two individuals: Zenith in Astrophel and Dark Aster in Vulcan I. Popularly known as The Intrinsics. Few have seen them in glorious battle, and to many, both their appearance and the extent of their powers remain a mystery. They shape a rubicon from another world.
The battles from both sides are arduous and exhausting. However, Zenith cannot allow his brother's victory as Astrophel cannot allow the dominance of darkness. Dark Aster and his followers will do everything in their power to make their plans happen, no matter what they have to destroy.
Will Dark Aster be able to defeat his brother and become the ruler of the galaxy? Or will it be the light that finally emerges victorious?
There is only one way to find out…