About us

We are proud of having an amazing team. Currently with over 70 people working within the project! We introduce you our leaders and specialists:


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Jeremías Walsh
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Mauricio Novelli


Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Manuel Figueira
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) - Jorgelina Peciña
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Ezequiel Ron
Chief Legal Officer (CLO) - Mijail Popov
Head of Community Operations - Francisco Ferro
Art Director - Damián Sosa
Art Supervisor - Cristian Azcuénaga

Advisors & Specialists

Blockchain Advisor - Andrés Aiello
Technical Advisor - Lucas Janon
Growth Advisor - Silvia Muñoz
Crypto Specialist - Francisco Guglielmotti
Public Relations Specialist - Pia Novelli
Branding Specialist - Juan Ricciardi
Web Design Specialist - Matias Broglia
Web Development Specialist - Andrés Tonello
In our website you can access all of the LinkedIn profiles of each team member.
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